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What are the different types of dispute cases?

The following chart lists all types of Dispute Cases. The check marks indicate which case types you can take action on through the Dispute Management System. The remaining case types can only be viewed from the Portal.


Incoming cases are cases that are initiated by cardholders or issuing banks. Outgoing cases are cases that are initiated by merchants or by Global Payments on behalf of merchants.

A Retrieval Request is a request for proof that a transaction was valid. To respond to a Retrieval Request you might, for example, provide a copy of the sales draft for the transaction. No financial adjustments are performed for Retrieval Request cases, but if you do not respond successfully, you could be held responsible (liable) for any Chargeback cases that result. Retrieval Requests are sometimes referred to as “Retrievals.”

A Chargeback case is created when the cardholder or issuing bank is disputing a transaction. As soon as a Chargeback case is initiated, the disputed funds are usually transferred from the merchant’s account to the issuing bank. You can respond to a Chargeback by either (a) acknowledging the Chargeback and accepting liability, or (b) rebutting the Chargeback by defending the transaction with supporting documentation.

An Incoming PreArbitration can be created when a case is not resolved at the Chargeback. stage. For this case type, the issuing bank and Global Payments attempt to resolve the dispute and avoid arbitration. Arbitration, when necessary, is performed by the card associations.

An Incoming PreCompliance is a type of case that is based on a violation of the rules that are defined by the relevant card association.

An Incoming Good Faith Collection is a request for you to accept liability for a case on a good faith basis, even though the final deadline for resolving the case has passed. Acceptance of an Incoming Good Faith Collection case is completely at your discretion.

The general term Exception Case includes both the Incoming and Outgoing versions of the following case types: PreArbitration, Arbitration, PreCompliance, Compliance, and Good Faith Collection.

Dispute Cases are usually referred to simply as “cases” within the Portal and within this document.

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