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How long do I have to respond to a dispute?

Every case inside Disputes Management has an indicator on the top left corner of the Case Details page that lets you know how many days you have left to respond. The date is also displayed in My Work Queue under the “Due Date” column.

For most cases the deadline usually falls within 25 days, however this number can vary based on the card brand. For best results, you are encouraged to respond to each dispute case as soon as you can collect all the supporting information to do so. An earlier response increases the time available to complete any follow-up tasks that may be required to resolve your case before the final deadline is reached. 

If you do not respond to a case, it will eventually move to the ‘Closed’ work queue. In this situation the following consequences apply:

  • If a Retrieval Request, PreArbitration, PreCompliance, or Good Faith Collection case moves to a Closed status in the Cases tab, you can no longer respond to it.

  • If a Chargeback case moves to a ‘Closed’ status in the Cases tab, you can respond to it, but since the timeframe has passed, Global Payments will be pursuing the case on your behalf on a “best effort” basis.

Please Note that the Due Dates on the Portal may differ from the Due Dates on the letters sent to you by Global Payments, as the dates take into consideration the time required for mailing versus responding online. If you are responding to a case through the Portal, use the Due Date date that is provided by the Portal.

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